Love is a Battlefield: Searching for “Home” in Dixie

We are young
Heartache to heartache we stand
No promises, no demands
Love is a battlefield- Pat Benatar

Always running. I used to always think about:running and home. Still thinking about it. Let memories stay.  Searching. Where do we go? As we get degrees what do we want? I was in my car-driving through downtown Austin, Texas–and I heard “we are young……” by Pat Benatar on the radio. Love is a battlefield–that is the name of her song. We lose control, turn away, and turn inside—all this light reflected on the window of 12th floor as I stare at a fancy apartment building. I counted the wrinkles on my hand after I pulled over near the lake. Here, nobody cares if I am wrong–the romantic mist of the glare on the lake and the youth looking for a place to dance.  And my phone with a cracked screen, it is my mother who is calling all the way from somewhere in Mexico. She told me that she is coming to visit me–but that I need to wait because she is going to the fair, horse races, and she needs to try out a new mariscos place in a neighboring town. I asked her about the mosquitoes and she changed the topic.

North Carolina-Latino male college students searching for some love. Fit. Home. Love is a battlefield. Mas o menos. Kinda. Yes. No. Maybe. It’s the south. But, “why do you hurt me so bad?” (Pat Benatar). These are the issues that I attempt to address in my latest article, Searching for “Home” in Dixie: Identity and Education in the New Latin@ South. What may not be in the article is that I learned so much from the young men in this piece– I agree love is a battlefield. I’ve been to highway 1 in California, I got hit by a hurricane in Florida, and in North Carolina the trees, call me by my name, or else where do we go from here? Every interview set off reflections through the night. I felt a brotherhood.

I have not read much work on Latino male college student identity in the “New South.” This is one of my contributions.

Tonight, I may get a chance to search again. I am not sure what song will come on and strike me as relevant.

But North Carolina and searching for home—is one of those “things.” Poco a poco—the San Marcos blankets with Panthers will be nearby. If you have never heard of San Marcos blankets—“home” is inside of them (read here:

We are strong, no one can tell us we’re wrong
Searchin’ our hearts for so long
Both of us knowing
Love is a battlefield-Pat Benatar

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