Block Chronicles

Block Chronicles is an idea that is many months if not years in the making. It is all finally coming to pass. I hope you go on this journey with us. We are looking forward to connection our stories and corazon to all that that we have become and are becoming. See you on the podcast side of things.

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The Latin@ Education Research Hub (LERH), which is housed in the UNC Chapel Hill School of Education, is developing creative projects that address one of its core pillars:  “public pedagogy.” To this end, Drs. Juan F. Carrillo and Jason Mendez produced and co-host a new podcast series,  “Block Chronicles.” This podcast series merges the journeys and “home” knowledge of the co-hosts (a Boricua and Chicano) who were born and raised in the South Bronx (Jason Mendez) and the barrios of south Los Angeles (Juan F. Carrillo) to address topics such as education, cultural studies, and activism.  The first podcast recording addresses the personal journeys of the co-hosts and future podcasts will include interviews, commentary, and relevant lectures that come from a critical orientation. To learn more about LERH and Block Chronicles, we invite you to subscribe and download the first podcast recording that is now available on the LERH facebook page: